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Friday, May 14, 2010


Hello my dearest lovely readers...this is very sudden but just wanna inform you guys that I'VE SHIFTED TO ONSUGAR YA! Below is the link to my new blog...see you guys there...MUACKZZZZZ! Btw I will still keep this blog for memories sake...its been around since I was like....16? Oh man....thats a longggggggggggggggggggggggg time! hehe!

So anyways read me here loveliez! =)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

'New Look' Awesome Deal!

Ok! I got hold of the computer again in my Principal's office so here's a short update for you lovelies! hehe! So anyways, some time ago I went to 313 at Somerset. It was a random day after work with practically nothing to do...then a kind soul randomly gave me this...

-A $ 10 'New Look' voucher- =D

-So I bought these basic outfits, 2 for me and 2 for Joey- =)




Originally the the outfit cost I think was $16.90 each but it was going on discount at (2 for $15). AWESOME OR WHAT? So 4 pieces at $30 and with the $10 vouncher I only spent $20 on all those! WOWWW!

YES! ONLY $20 so I saved $47.60 =D


Monday, May 10, 2010


Dearest beautiful, lovely readers......

I am now typing this with tears gushing out from my eyes (Dramatic effect lol) in my Principal's office. Thanks to her I can type this short entry as you see....my lappy decided to be in a coma thus the lack of entry for these pass few days. I have so many makeups to haul but sadly I have to wait till my lappy decides to wake up again...='( With that, I wave goodbye to all you loveliez and hopefully my nasty lappy decides to wake up by this week before I start on Cosmoprof on the 18th of May! Love you loveliez! MUACKZZZZ!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Exclusive Launch of Pret-A-Papier Collection!

So today I reveived an e-mail from M.A.C cosmetics. =)


Its an exclusive invitation but I'm pretty much sure all you Make-up addicts would be excited about the new Summer collection so why not I spread some love. Lol. So below are the details...


I'm definitely going just for the fun of it...hehe! So who's joining me? =D

Monday, May 03, 2010

Revlon ColorBurst!

So once again Revlon came out with another amazing product. The 'Revlon Colorburst' lipstick! which comes in 20 different shades in US but I guess there's only 8 shades here in Spore. I'm pretty sure most of you have heard tonz of raves about this newly launched lippies particularly at Onsugar! =) So anyways I've swatched 4 colours which I hearts the most as compared to the rest of them. =)

-So again, I secretly snapped the pic...hehe! was taken as Watsons(Sembawang) hehe! So this gorgeous lipstick retailing at $21.90. Initially I was a little skeptical about drugstore lippies selling at such price but after swatching them and found out they have nudes and hot pink, I'M SOLD! =D

-So the 4 favourites are, 1stly the colour 'Blush' which provides a soft pink tone, its not nude though and appears natural on the lips- (Apologies if most of the pics are not clear as it was snapped by a lousy camera phone)

-2ndly 'Soft Nude' which provides a nude peachy pink tone-

-3rdly 'Peach' as the name suggests provides a bright peach/coral tone-

-Last but not least 'Fuchsia' which provides a hot pink tone-

-And here's the swatches- =)

I really love how this lippies glides so smoothly on the lips and very pigmented. It has a mosturising finish yet the colour are long wearing and not too glossy unlike most mosturisng effect lippies. Lovez! =)


1. 'Fuchsia'- Because its has a similar intense hot pink tone as my recent 'M.A.C Riverting' lippies which you cant find it anymore as the 'Riverting' season is over thus this is a great substitute! =D
Here's the entry on my M.A.C Riverting 'Show Orchid AC9' lippies:

2. 'Soft Nude'- Need I explain why I truly love this shade???? LOL! Basicly as all of you know that I'm a fan of nude lippies...I don't know how many times have I declared this! Haha! but anyways this shade is Super similar to my all time favourite 'M.A.C Peach stock' which is a nude peach tone and recently I also found another substitute 'NYX Circe'. Only that this Revlon 'Soft Nude' has a pink undertone so its more like a nude peachy pink rather than nude peach. But anyways I super loveeeeeee it!!!! =D

-So here's how they look like on my lips... Omg so so so nude peach lorrrrr!- =D



OK! Thats about all for now... TATA! =)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Palette Updatez!

Yo! At last its Saturday again! Had a great day with Joey at Little India justnow till he decided to get all PMS-y and picked up a fight with a foreign worker for oogling at my butt! HAHAHA! MEN! So anyways its Adam Danial's 2nd B'day too! Love you baby! Oh yeahhh...he broke the drumset that Joey and me bought for him coz he was too excited! LOL!

Ok Ok...back to the main point of this entry...I think I've around 8 eyeshadow palettes altogether at the moment and 1 pending SMH (StarMakeupHaven) palette and NYX pearl shimmer / glitter pigments all the way from US! LOL! Expected to arrive end of May...what a long wait! Hope they are worth the wait! =D

-New palette collection...Taaaaaadaaaa!- =D

-1stly, my favourite 120 colour shimmer palette- =)

-I swatched some of the gorgeous colours! Very pigmented but not that shimmery. Some looks rather metallic to me. Anyways still AWESOME!- =D


-What really amazed me is this particular row of colours. Look really pretty like a mixture of 2 colours but actually it just comes out as one tone when applied. Joey was amazed too. Haha!- =D

-Ohhhhh..in which my Baby Qiqish became the victim on a random day when we were both feeling bored with nothing better to do haha! Nice? =D

Tried the gorgeous yellow, pink and purple on her...and oh my....her lashes damn long lahhhhh!!! NO NEED FALSIES! JEALOUS! HAHAH! Ooohhh anyways I used my 'Benefit-Bad gal Lash' mascara on her which I reviewed on it some entries back. It did'nt work for me but works pretty well on Qiqish...

Oh for those of you who wanna get the mascara, its selling as $41 and you can find 'Benefit' cosmetics at any 'Sephora' outlet located at 'Orchard Ion' or 'Ngee Ann city' OR 'Benefit' counters at 'CK Tang' and 'Robinsons'. =)

-Next is the '42 colour double stack' palette which I bought before. Here's the review of this pretty thang! =)


-Lastly, the '20 concealor' palette. Awesome stuffs! Tried it on Joey and the darker shades matches his skin tone pretty well!- =)

-And for my lucky Cuzzie, Maria, the '42 colour double stack' eyeshadow and blusher palette and some of these 'John little' stuffs (from the entry below) are specially for her! And yes! she was madly excited! lol! Glad you like it babe! =D

OK TATA! Its now 235 am...Good Morning Loveliez! LOL! =D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

John Little Exit Sale Mini Haul

Holllllaaaaa Loveliez! Much apologies for the slowmo update...been very very bz and shag....Booooohuhuuuu! Hope you guys are doing awesome yeah! And oh yeah...thank you readers for all the support and love especially to 'Miss Muss' and 'Rinn' whom I do not know in person. You guys are such sweethearts. =)

So anyways, being a proud 'John Little' member, I'm always on a look out for their 2o% storewide sale or sometimes more...haha! Yalahh..Im a cheapskate like that...lol...but why spend more right when you can wait for the Sale?

SO GOOD NEWS for all of you, 'John Little' at Somerset (not sure of the building name) is having their 20-35% storewide sale! I think it started a few month back and is ongoing till I think early or mid may...its only in that particular outlet that the sale has been ongoing for months coz I heard from the staffs that they are closing down...almost all the cosmetic products available at 'John Little' is on SALE! and also hair and health products! LOVEZZZZ!!

-SEE! Huge poster starts from Somerset Station, 'EXIT SALE'- =D

-So once you exit (no puns intended hehe) from Somerset stn, cross the road and you'll see this!- =)

-So here's what I bought, 1stly my favourite Korean cosmetic brand which was at 35% off...'Lioele' 3D lipgloss! latest edition-


As you can clearly see from the pic above, the lipgloss I got is in 'Smoky Beige' which has a 'Nude Peach' tone...what else right...hehe! So I tried it with non other that my favourite 'M.A.C-Peach Stock' and the results are Awesome! Actually the lipgloss are very pigmented, you can just apply it on its own without a base colour...similar to 'Canmake' lipgloss but 'Lioele' 3D lipgloss has a more mosturising effect and isnt too thick like 'Canmake'....2 thumbs up! =D

-'M.A.C-Peach Stock' + 'Lioele 3D Enamel'- =)


-Next I bought 2 of these 'Maybelline smooth felt liner'.This thang provides precised lines...very easy to apply! Just like a pen or marker haha! It really save a lot of my time and you can create thin or thick lines with this and the texture isnt think and not so wet. BUT the bad thing about it is that its NOT waterproof so watery eyes like mine will not benefit from this awesome liner in the middle on the day...Definitely smudges when you tear...=S -

-Next is this 'LA Girl' loose powder...I love this brand which is sadly only available in John Little, their stuffs is really cheap but good! I guess this was only $12.10 before sale...and I like the texture...its really smooth,,,-

-But personally I am very particular about foundation/powder that I apply on my face. Im only ok with 'ZA, M.A.C & Lioele' so I only apply this below my eyes when I'm working with dark eyeshadows so that I can just swipe it off if there are any fall outs and YES! its so smooth that you can wipe out the dark eyeshadow fallouts without a trace when you apply this powder below your eyes!- =D



-After applying all you gorgeous make-ups, you might wanna prepare oil blotter in your handbag incase your face gets oily in the middle of the day and you dont wanna ruin your make-up =D So here's 'Nude' oil blotter only at $1 after discount I guess! haha! Oh yeah from my previous entry you can see my 'Nude' Kabuki brush which I got it for only $5, original price was $19.90 if Im not wrong- =)

-Next is 'Lucido-L' Hair milk for creating soft waves. OMG!!!! This thing is awesome lahhh!!! Definitely works for my curly wurly tresses! It works like wax which shapes the hair but at the same time non sticky or hard and tames my frizz as well! Basicly its just like a Wax + treatment cream. AWESOMEEEEEE!!! =D

-Born Curly Wurly- =D

-Next is this Gorgeous trio nail polish..originally $8 now for only $3.90....actually I was'nt that lucky to have 3 awesome colours in the bag,,,I secretly mixed and matched them form other bags when no one's watching. WAKAKAKAKAKA! SSSssshhHhhhHHhhh.... -=D

-And because the colours are all too pretty I decided to apply all the colours together. Oklah not bad but the hot pink turned orangy red prolly because its mixed with the lime green...and thus this combi looks like a christmas-themed nails. Lol! and btw these nail pics are taken by my 6 year old students. Confirm FUTUTRE PHOTOGRAPHER!- =D



-Last but not least, My favourite 'Make Up Shop' concealor! Unfortunately this brand is not included in the 'John Little Exit Sale', I bought it at 'Marina Sq John Little' when they were having 20% off storewide also- =)

Aites... thats about all Loveliez...Im super sleepy already when its only 11.30 pm...Wahhhh..rare case! lol! & YAY! Its Friday tmr!!! =D

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wishlist Recap! =D

Do you loveliez remember some time back I wrote a wishlist? HAHA! Omg...I'm super slow I know...that was my March wishlist and now its almost the end of April. Sorry too caught up with make up hauls and besides along the way I've got my April wishlist fulfilled that I've forgotten everything abt my March wishlish... LOL! But anyways here its goes...=)

-Here's a recap of my March Wishlist hehe! (top entry)-

-And here's what I've gotten for myself last month... =) 1stly the 'Coastal Scents' 42 colours double stack palette-

-'Coastal Scents' 36 colour lip palette-

-28 neutral colour palette-

-'Bobbi Brown' faux brushes-

-'NYX' cosmetics-

-'Sephora' cosmetics and body stuffs-

-'Sephora' Glitters-

-'Elianto' 4 colour palette-

-'Nude' Kabuki brush-

-'Nude' foundation sponge-

-'Loreal' White Perfect facial wash-

-'Essential' conditioner-

-Limted ed. pink leopard prints watch-

-Zebra stripes leather strap-


-Pink polka dots wedges-


-Black studed heels-

-Black/wooden wedges (same pair as Nurul's =p)-

-Neon orange wedges from 'Novo'-


-'Cotton On' leggings-



-'Cotton On' outfits-


-'New Look' outfits-


-Outfits from 'FEP'-imported from Korea/Japan-


-Leopard prints umbrella, a gift from beloved aunty- =)

-Last but not least...a new digicam, free from AECES- =)

So thats about it loveliez...I guess something's in the wishlist have not been fulfilled! But I guess I got more stuffs in some ways...haha! and lash extention was done in April...so somehow mostly everything in the list are fulfilled lah ekh...hehe! =D